Brown Jasmine Rice Instant Pot: Recipe

brown Jasmine Rice

Not sure how to cook brown Jasmine rice Instant Pot? No worries, as I will teach you how to use this magical pot to cook your all-purpose whole-grain dish. The pot delivers flavorful and tender grains for every occasion. 

Brown jasmine rice has a unique fragrant aroma and distinct flavor. Though It is a variety of long-grain rice, sometimes it comes out of the pot mushy, burnt, uncooked, or overcooked. So, cooking this ancient Asian cuisine requires guidance, wisdom, and patience. Cooking brown Jasmine rice instant pot includes rinsing the grains, staining, and adding them to the cooker. Wait for the pot to release, fluff the rice, and serve. Let’s dive into the steps.

Requirements Brown Jasmine Rice Instant Pot

  • 1 cup of brown jasmine rice
  • 1.25 cups of water or broth (for a 1:1.25 rice-to-liquid ratio)
  • Salt (optional, to taste)
  • Instant Pot

Instructions For Cooking Brown Jasmine Rice Instant Pot

Here are the simplest steps for cooking brown Jasmine rice using an Instant Pot;

Step 1: Rinse Your Brown Jasmine Rice

Place the brown jasmine rice in a fine-mesh sieve or strainer and rinse the rice under cold running water until the water becomes clear. Alternatively, fill your instant pot liner with water and submerge your rice. Agitate it thoroughly with your fingers before draining off the water. Add more water and wash the rice until it is clear. Repeating these removes most of the starch and prevents the rice from sticking at the base of your pot.

Step 2: Add Rice And Liquid

Place the rinsed rice in the Instant Pot’s inner pot and add the 1.25 cups of water or broth/soup to the rice. You can add a pinch of salt to season the rice, that is, if you desire.

Step 3: Mix And Level

Gently stir the rice and water (or broth) together to ensure even distribution in the pot.

Use a spoon to level the rice and liquid in the pot, ensuring the rice is evenly distributed.

Step 4: Close Your Instant Pot

Secure the Instant Pot lid, making sure the pressure release valve is set to the sealing position.

Step 5: Set Cooking Time

Press the “Manual” or “Pressure Cook” setting on your Instant Pot. Set your cooking time to 22-25 minutes for brown jasmine rice. The exact time may vary based on your specific Instant Pot model and personal preferences. It will take some time for the Instant Pot to come to pressure before the cooking countdown begins.

Step 6: Wait For Your Instant Pot Natural Release

Once the cooking time on your Instant Pot is complete, let it release the pressure for about 10-15 minutes. This duration means you don’t immediately open the pressure release valve; you let the pressure release gradually. During this time, your brown Jasmine rice will continue to cook.

Step 7: Release Pressure

Turn your pot’s pressure release valve to the “Venting” position to release any remaining pressure. Also, wait for the float valve to drop, indicating that it’s safe to open the Instant Pot.

Step 8: Fluff Your Brown Jasmine Rice And Serve

Open the Instant Pot lid and use a fork to fluff the cooked brown jasmine rice. Fluffing your rice separates the grains and ensures a light, fluffy texture.

That’s the easiest way to cook Brown Jasmine rice Instant Pot. You can serve it as a side dish or a base for your favorite dishes, such as stir-fries or curries. Remember that the cooking times vary with the type of specific Instant Pot model and altitude. You can adjust your pot’s cooking time to achieve your desired level of doneness and texture. The given time range of 22-25 minutes is a good starting point for most scenarios, so enjoy your perfectly cooked brown jasmine rice!

But Wait!

Brown Jasmine Rice Instant Pot: Nutritional information

Before you leave, there is more important information for you to know about brown Jasmine rice: its Nutrition value

The brown rice is full of fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Also, these grains contain maximal germ and bran because they undergo minimal processing. When you cook it, you will notice that it has a chewy texture, meaning its fiber is intact. Brown rice is a healthier choice for your family because it is natural and contains essential micronutrients like selenium and manganese.

So, let’s compare this rice with the white rice.

Brown Rice vs. White Rice Comparison 

We are basing this comparison on one cup of brown jasmine rice and white rice following the above Instant Pot Recipe. Other cooking methods with additional ingredients change the nutritional value of carbs and other elements.

Nutritional ElementsBrown RiceWhite Rice
Energy216.45 kcal194.34 kcal
Vitamin E0.06mg0.02mg

 Now you know! So, enjoy your brown Jasmine rice guilt-free.

By Shawn Roberts

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