Geek Chef Air Fryer Not Heating: Quick Fix!

Geek Chef Air Fryer

Undoubtedly, the Geek Chef air fryer tops in terms of performance. It comes in many models, including the oven and the basket type. Depending on your version, you can roast, bake, warm, and toast, among other functions. But a small hitch has happened. Your Geek Chef air fryer not heating cannot allow you beyond plugging your unit. But what could be the problem? 

The Geek Chef air fryer not heating is due to a disrupted power supply, improper setting, physical damage, factory defect, dirt, or old age. Stay here and learn more about these causes.

Power Supply Disruption

You want to explore your air fryer recipes. But that can’t happen. The cause is the most obvious: a disrupted power supply. The issues range from the air fryer’s broken electrical cable to a bad wall outlet. Also, the disruption could happen at the circuit breaker, or there is a short circuit in the system. Anything is possible, but the way to resolve this issue is simple! Unplug and replug your unit. Is the Geek Chef air fryer not heating up? Check whether you have power in your house. No power? Call the emergency power response team in your area for reconnection. Call an electrician to resolve if there is power, but your gadget won’t heat up.

This is not extremely common, but it’s not unheard of either. If this is your problem, you’ll likely be experiencing electrical issues like tripped breakers, short circuits, and other disruptions.    

Your Geek Chef Has An Incorrect Setting

Sometimes, your Geek Chef air fryer oven not heating up means you have made a mistake when setting it up. The settings include the correct temperature and time to match your cooking needs. Setting the temperature too low or giving the cooking time too little will not give the air fryer a heating up period. Also, if the air fryer has a digital display, check if the temperature displays correctly. Verify that the timer is set properly, as some Geek Chef air fryer models won’t operate unless the timer is set.

Preheat The Geek Chef Air Fryer

Many air fryers require preheating before cooking, including your Geek Chef. You must ensure the oven preheats to allow you to cook your food. In most air fryers, the preheating time is about 5 minutes or less. Learn more about your air fryer to ascertain if it has a manual or automatic preheating time.  

Inspect Geek Chef Air Fryer For Physical Damage

Another cause for the Geek Chef air fryer toaster oven not heating is physical damage due to impact, mishandling, or normal wear and tear. If your air fryer had a fall in the recent past and is not heating, the problem is physical damage. The impact causes damage to the heating element, which is a brittle feature. Inspect the cables for breakages and the oven for any cracks. Depending on the cause of damage or the extent, seek professional repair and replacement. Talking to professionals can also help you with a list of Geek Chef air fryer replacement parts for easy buying.

Is Your Geek Chef Dirty?

Excessive grease or debris in the air fryer can affect its performance. That happens when the buildup coats the heating element, rendering it ineffective. Clean the air fryer thoroughly, including the interiors, exteriors, accessories, and the heating element.

Technical Glitches

Not all issues to do with your air fryer are mechanical or electrical. The electronic part of it has programs that operate the gadget. The manufacturer has to update these programs for the machine to run smoothly. One of the impacts during the update is failure to heat or work. However, that should not scare you as the air fryer can clear the glitch. You can reset the Geek Chef device by turning it off and on. Doing so is a simple step that resolves most minor glitches.

Manufacturing Defect

Is your Geek Chef air fryer toaster new? If you are sure you followed all the steps, then not heating up could be a factory defect. Your air fryer is still under warranty, and if you cannot identify or fix the issue, we recommend contacting the Geek Chef manufacturer for assistance. They have a troubleshooting guide for their products. Also, they have authorized a repair or replacement repair center where you can take your new air fryer for assessment. 

Old Age

Old age makes appliances stop working. Their operating programs become stale, and they cannot run the air fryer. Also, the components are weary after a lengthy service. Though you dearly love your Geek Chef oven, it is time to let go. Responsibly dispose of your device through your town’s disposal or recycling program. Read here on how to dispose of your old or damaged air fryer. 


Your Geek Chef air fryer not heating can create an absurd moment, especially if you are in an air frying mood. However, you do not need to fret or give up. You can resolve some of the issues through simple DIY tips. Begin by checking the most obvious, which is the power supply. Clean up your Geek Chef, reboot, preheat, and set the correct temperature and time. If it is defective, call the manufacturer or tech for guidance. Lastly, dispose of your dead or old air fryer at a recycling center.

By Shawn Roberts

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