Gourmia Air Fryer Stopped Working (How To Resolve)

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In the air frying world, Gourmia is a household name. It is one of the sturdiest and most versatile air fryers. The company has several models, ranging from the most basic to ultramodern and digital ovens. There are both oven and basket types. Any choice on the Gourmia catalog offers you a unique user experience. But with all the above praises, your Gourmia air fryer stopped working. 

Though nothing is flawless, the abrupt stoppage can scare you. But you need not worry; it could be as essential as power loss. So your air fryer stopped working abruptly because of power disruption, overheating, setting the wrong temperature and time, or appliance failure. Other causes include door sensor errors, motor issues, and many more. Learn here why your air fryer stopped working.

Power Disruption

Your Gourmia air fryer runs on electrical power. If there is a disruption, then your appliance will shut off. A sudden shut-off indicates that your oven experienced a power disruption. It could be the appliance’s twisted or broken cable or the power went off.

To be sure, check the primary connection to see whether there is a tripped switch. If not, and all the other appliances in your home are working, then it is your Gourmia air fryer’s fault. Examine the cable and the plug to ensure that they are working fine. The plug fuse may have blown and disconnected your air fryer. If it is the culprit, fix a new one and keep cooking.


When appliances overheat, they can shut off to protect themselves from ignition. This error is a major troubleshooting issue. Most of the reported cases of overheating occur due to overloading the basket and cooking at high temperatures for an extended period.

Even if you want to cook at lightning speed, please do not exceed the recipe temperature recommendations. The high temperatures cause the device to overheat and malfunction.

Wrong settings

Wrong temperature and time settings may make you think your air fryer is faulty. It will stop working immediately when the time lapses. For instance, setting the air fryer to 1:00 minutes instead of 10:00 minutes will go off one minute into cooking.

For efficiency, select the correct digits. You can take your time to learn about your oven and its operation processes from the user manual. Gourmia has manuals for all its air fryers. If you lost the hard copy that came with your pot, you can access your model’s pdf manual online on the official Gourmia website. Not sure about the model? Call the customer service desk for help. 

Door sensor error

One of the operating principles you must master about your Gourmia air fryer is closing its door/drawer when you are cooking. The device will not begin working if you do not shut the door. If the door is faulty and loses grip during cooking, the oven will stop working.

Depending on the modes, you may or may not get a door error on the display. The secret is to keep monitoring your oven when cooking. You will detect a simple issue as a door error. If the door is faulty, contact Gourmia to replace it at a cost or under warranty. Otherwise, there are simple things you can do to ensure that your door locks well or doesn’t get damaged.

  • Never slam your Gourmia air fryer door/drawer.
  • Open the door gently to prevent the hinges from dislodging.
  • Do not overfill your air fryer.
  • Place your Gourmia air fryer on a flat countertop to avoid tripping and breaking its components.
  • Check for debris and other obstructions that may prevent the door from locking.
  • Regular maintenance of your air fryer is essential and includes cleaning the door and lubricating the hinges.

Motor Issues

If your Gourmia air fryer stopped working, it could be a motor issue. The motor propels the fan, circling hot air in the cooking chamber. Also, the fan expels hot air through the vents. If it is not working, the device will overheat and stop working.

The motor requires a specialized testing and replacement process. If you aren’t sure about the procedure, contact Gourmia for help. Meanwhile, empty the basket as you wait for help.

Appliance Failure

Your Gourmia air fryer stopped working because of a mechanical or electrical failure. Most old appliances experience a shut-off due to old components and obsolete operating applications. So, your air fryer’s age will help you determine if it is old age or a regular breakdown. Contact your tech or the Gourmia for proper diagnostics for a newer appliance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why would my air fryer just stop working?

A significant cause for air fryers to stop working is power disruption. A clogged air vent can also lead to overheating and shutting your air fryer. Check the power supply at the main switch, socket, and air fryer cord and plug. If those are fine, clear the vents and remove any objects near the oven that could be blocking cool air and cool the device.

Why is my Gourmia air fryer not turning on?

Your air fryer should turn on when you plug it into the wall source. However, it has an inbuilt safety mechanism that blocks all the processes from starting if you don’t follow the proper steps. Check the display for any possible errors. If there isn’t, open the drawer and reinsert the basket. Close it and try to turn on the unit. No response? Call your tech. 

Does the Gourmia air fryer have a reset button?

Most Gourmia air fryer models do not have a reset button. The units use the home button on the control panel as the reset feature. Press the knob for a few seconds and release it to reset the air fryer. If this doesn’t work, unplug to hard reset your appliance.  

Why did my air fryer suddenly stop working and now won’t turn on? 

A fuse break, electrical fault, or overheating are possible reasons your air fryer stopped working. You can check at the socket if there is power or try to replace the broken fuse for the air fryer to turn on.

How long does Gourmia air fryer take to preheat?

Three to five minutes are enough to preheat your air fryer. The time allows the device to reach the appropriate temperature and prepare it to cook. After preheating the air fryer, prepare your ingredients in the basket and set the recipe temperature. Preheating your air fryer ensures outstanding results.

How do you use Gourmia air fryer for fries?

When air frying your frozen fries, preheat your air fryer and cook them at 400°F. The oven will take 15-18 minutes to cook your fries. Remember to flip the basket after every 5 minutes to ensure consistent cooking. If you are air-frying sweet potato fries, cook at a lower temperature of 375°F. The timing will be 15-20 minutes, with the basket flips after every 5 minutes.  

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