Gourmia Air Fryer Troubleshooting


Gourmia air fryers stand out in terms of their versatile features. They have multiple features, presets, digital displays, and more precise features. Besides, the gadget is affordable and easy to use. But when it comes to Gourmia air fryer troubleshooting, that’s where you draw the lines, especially if you have nowhere to begin. You must have the tips to bring back your air fryer into operation.

The air fryer troubleshooting involves resetting the machine to clear turning-on issues, technical hitches, mechanical errors, etc. If your food is not cooking evenly, the machine is smoking, or it stops working midway; the troubleshooting tips will help you to resolve the issues. Learn more about your Gourmia air fryer issues here and how to resolve them easily. 

Gourmia Air Fryer Won’t Turn On

You may have gotten into an issue where your Gourmia air fryer won’t turn on. When this happens, you can first determine the cause of the issue to avoid spending heavily on a functional appliance. It could be as easy as a socket you didn’t switch on.

Now, that’s easy to resolve. But a gourmet air fryer won’t turn on due to other complicated mechanical and technical errors.

1. Gourmia Air Fryer Won’t Turn On Due to Power Disconnection

Power loss is possible, but you didn’t notice or didn’t plug in your air fryer. Recheck the power connectivity before you inspect your machine for technical issues.

You can also examine the fuse on the plug head and if the cable is in good condition. Twisted wires indicate a short circuit and a possible power leakage. 

2. Unlocked Drawer

Air fryers do not function with open drawers. That’s a safety mechanism to prevent the machine from heating when the basket isn’t enclosed in the cooking chamber. Check the drawer and lock it up again. You need to check the locking mechanism if it isn’t latching well.

Also, the hinges and the door could be detached. Fix your air fryer drawer at home, or get it replaced. 

3. Technical Bug

These are errors that affect electronic and computerized devices. Your air fryer is electronic and has computerized programs that run the device. The most fortunate thing about technical bugs is that they disappear upon reset or when you turn off your air fryer.

If you have a device that’s not responding, and you are sure there is power, disconnect it and wait a few minutes before plugging it back. The bugs will clear and give you a smooth operation.

4. Tilted Basket

When placing the basket in the drawer, it may have tilted. That happens due to obstructions and simple errors. But the air fryer cannot execute its functions with such an error.

You must rectify it by placing your basket upright, so pull the drawer out and correct the issue. Your air fryer will turn on and cook perfectly.

Air Fryer Fan Not Working

Now, let’s shift our mind to another Gourmia air fryer troubleshooting issue; the fan is not working. The fan is a simple but crucial component of your machine. It blows air over your chicken wings and other goodies nonstop as long as the machine operates.

The fan functionality helps in even heating, so stopping means unevenly cooked food. What’s the cause and fix?

1. Dormant Safety Button

On the store shelf, electronics have some components dormant. No real cooking takes place unless for demonstration purposes.

The fan remains inactive until you take the appliance home to begin roasting, baking, etc.

You have to activate the dormant buttons. An example is the fan’s safety button. Just turn it on from the off position and watch the fan blow air over your food.

2. Lack Of Power

The fan may lack power due to electrical errors inside the machine. If a broken wire is in the fan, a short circuit occurs, and the motor cannot run. You need an electrician to test your appliance. They will fix a few wires and set the fan to rotate.

3. Air Fryer Is In Demo Mode

Demo mode deactivates crucial functions of your air fryer. The fan, heating element, and other components may not run until you deactivate the demo mode. How do you deactivate this mode?

When dealing with your appliances, be at the forefront to refer to your air fryer user’s manual. The booklet offers steps to ensure you get everything right with your oven. Getting your appliance out of demo mode requires pressing a few button combinations.

If that sounds tricky, unplug your oven and leave it for several minutes. You can contact the Gourmia customer rep to instruct you on getting your oven out of demo mode. 

4. Food Waste

No gourmet cooks without food waste! Even in your detailed experience, you will find debris in your appliance. Some go deep into the air fryer guts.

Suppose you wonder how the fan blows them that depth. When there is accumulation on the component, it stops working. Troubleshooting the fan requires removing debris to clear the rotating space.

Open your air fryer and do an intensive cleanup while ensuring you do not use water. You can take your machine to the nearest center for cleanup and repairs.

5. Broken Parts

The fan has blades, a motor, a base, wiring, and other components. These parts are all crucial, so if they break, the operations stop. You have to open your gourmet air fryer and inspect the fan.

If there are intensive breakages, you must do replacements. The cost matches the damages and the parts you will have to replace. Talk to Gourmia to sort out the issue for you. 

6. Dead Sensors

Electric gadgets have sensors that communicate with the controls to run them. These sensors are all over the system. The door has a sensor that tells the fan to begin working, and so forth. If the door is broken, the sensors won’t function, and the fan will stop working. It is a complex system that requires experts.  

Air Fryer Not Heating Up

Other than the fan not working and not turning on, not heating up is a common Gourmia air fryer troubleshooting error. The problem is mechanical and requires expertise to handle. Without heating up, your food will not even be warm. Your fries will stay cold even if the machine’s timer and other functions work. So, what could be the cause?

1. Open Door

An open door is a top cause for most Gourmia air fryer troubleshooting issues. The reason being no air fryer can operate with an open door. This error shuts down all the mechanisms, including the fan, turning on and heating up. So, do this simple task before you continue; inspect your air fryer door.

You can check if you didn’t latch the door well or if there are broken components. If you fill the basket, the door will stay open. Check the number of fries that you poured into the tray. Even if you must serve your starving guest on time, waiting for two or more batches doesn’t hurt. Otherwise, your air fryer won’t cook.

2. Lack Of Power Flow

The second culprit you will suspect if your air fryer is not heating up is a lack of power flow. That could be external or internal. For external causes, the cable could be broken or the plug fuse damaged. You have to inspect the external components before getting into the core of your air fryer. Ensure there is power flow from the socket to the device.

3. Faulty Temperature Switch

The air fryer has several switches. One of those is the temperature switch. In some models, it is a combo with the timer. What happens when the switch is faulty? It is undebatable that it will set the wrong temperatures. You need to inspect this switch and replace it if it is faulty.

4. Wrong Setting

 It might shock you that the heater isn’t heating up because you set the wrong temperature. It happens all the time when you press too low a temperature. Recheck the temperature and ensure you aren’t confused about your recipe’s Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees.

5. Dead Thermal Fuse

Fuses that are dead do not allow any power flow. That includes the thermostat that regulates the internal heating of your gadget. It prevents overheating but won’t allow heating if the unit is faulty. You need a physical examination of the component and testing with a multimeter. You can replace the thermal fuse and get the heating element working again.

6. Dead Heating Element

The heating element is composed of coils that emit heat. This heat is sufficient to cook your food. If the coils break, your gadget won’t heat or cook your food. Unfortunately, you cannot repair broken coils in a heating element. Get a replacement.

Gourmia Air Fryer Reset Button

When addressing Gourmia air fryer issues, you cannot forget about the reset button. This switch allows you to clear errors in your oven. Most of the errors will show as codes on the display. But sometimes, your gadget will mute or freeze and fail to work. Pressing or touching the button clears the issue in minutes. 

So where is the Gourmia air fryer reset button? Easy! It is the home button on your air fryer’s control panel. You can reset your machine using the button by pressing and holding it for 10 seconds. Once you release the button, the air fryer will have reset. 

Unplug the button on your gourmet air fryer model and leave the unit for 10 minutes before re-plugging. That complete reset process clears most of your air fryer errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did my air fryer suddenly stopped working?

A: An overheating air fryer can suddenly stop working. A common culprit is clogged vents. Also, overworking your air fryer can make it stop working. Clean your air fryer vents and check for power flow into the machine.

Q: Why will my Gourmia air fryer not turn on?

A: Your Gourmia air fryer is not turning on because of an error in the power connection, or you haven’t turned it on. Also, there are other inbuilt safety mechanisms that hinder the turning-on process if you do not follow the procedures. Turn on the power, fix the basket, and close the door to see if your Gourmia air fryer turns on.

Q: Is Gourmia a good brand?

A: Gourmia is a top-performing brand. It has the best air fryer models to heat, bake, grill, bake, roast, and cook various foods. Also, the models have good ratings due to efficiency, safety, and durability. The air fryers are toxic-free.

Final Words

Gourmia air fryer troubleshooting is a complex process. It touches all the components in your oven. It could be a failure to turn on, heat up, or the fan not rotating. You do not have to abort your air frying plans because your air fryer developed issues along the way. Most of the above steps are easy to execute. If not, you have the Gourmia customer service department within your reach. Or you can call an accredited repair center near you. You know what works best for you. Good luck!

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