Samsung Microwave Not Spinning (Solved!)


Samsung microwave ovens are stylish, reliable, and enduring. The ratings from experts and consumers confirm the machine’s performance. Most current models have touch screens, multiple spits, vents, sensors, power grill, power save, WiFi, and more features. The rotating turntable feature cuts across all models. It exposes foods to consistent heating. And so your Samsung microwave not spinning is a cause for worry.

The results are uneven heating, which can quickly tumble your tummy or cause food poisoning. Also, biting cold and hot food portions could be better. So you must take prompt action when rotating stops.  Top reasons for your Samsung microwave not spinning include broken drive coupler, roller guide error, overloading, and turntable motor error. Learn the cause of your Samsung microwave not spinning and how to fix the mess. 

Top Causes For Samsung Microwave Not Spinning

Spinning is a normal function of your microwave. If the feature stops, your food will not heat consistently. Also, it will take longer as you have to add more cooking/heating time. Still, you need to find out if all your food portions are ready for eating. You should establish the cause for this silent issue as below;

1. Overloaded Microwave Turntable

The amount of food that you place on the turntable will determine the rotating speed. Hipping pounds of potatoes on the unit press the roller ring and may cause breakage or dislodging. Indeed, the Samsung microwave oven is a durable product with sturdy components, but misuse can damage the unit. Load the unit with considerable weight to enable smooth rolling. 

2. Blockage Under The Turntable

Some pieces may fall on the side when placing your food on the turntable. Or the shape is irregular such that the unit cannot rotate. Remove the food and check for obstructions under the glass plate and edges. Also, ensure that the food doesn’t touch the microwave surface. Leave enough space to allow spinning.

3. Dislodged/Broken Roller Ring

Your Samsung microwave not spinning could be due to a dislodged roller ring. For the ring to rotate, it has to fit well on its slot (coupler) at the center of your microwave’s cavity. If it isn’t in place, your plate won’t rotate. The roller ring may have broken. Spinning is impossible if any of the plastic rollers break or come out. Inspect your unit to identify a dislodged or broken ring. Return the spinner to its correct slot and replace it if it is weary.

4. Broken Coupler

The couple is the link between the turntable tray and the turntable motor. A slight malfunction may leave you with a non-spinning oven. The coupler could be broken, old, or stripped out. Pluck it out and examine it. Once you find the issue, you can arrange to replace it. Luckily, there are Samsung microwave couplers for sale in various shops online or dealers’ shops near you. 

5. Damaged Turntable Motor

The turntable motor runs the entire spinning unit. Due to mechanical issues, the motor can fail. It is deep under the microwave cavity and thus requires expertise to access it. You may need a helping hand to diagnose a damaged turntable. Your tech will use an ammeter to test for continuity or power flow. If the unit is dead, the tech will recommend a replacement. Microwave motor components are challenging to repair, so that a replacement will be your only option. That is if you do not want to replace your oven.  

Microwave Not Spinning Or Heating

Though this issue seems related to microwave not spinning, it is double tragedy that you cannot leave unattended. The microwave may not spin and also not heat your food. That’s sounds complex, and is relative to magnetron defects among other issues. The combination of problems requires a tech to address the following;

1. Magnetron

Your Samsung microwave has a faulty magnetron. This feature releases electromagnetic waves to heat and cooks your food. The turntable may be spinning, but with a dead magnetron, your food stays cold. Mainly, this problem occurs in old microwaves, but you still need a proper diagnosis. ( You can’t do that with your eyes alone) An expert, the repair clinician, helps establish this issue and change for you the damaged organ. 

2. Diode

The diode charges the magnetron with high-voltage DC power to emit electromagnetic waves. This power comes from the capacitor. If the diode cannot convert the electric power for the magnetron, heating is impossible. The magnetron will get low voltage or no power and remain dormant. Also, the diode requires expertise to diagnose and set the microwave running. Leave the task to experts.

3. Electrical Faults

If your gadget has insufficient power, expect no spinning or heating. That includes the internal wiring system and also the external one. Sometimes the voltage in the main house supply is low. Your microwave bulb will light, but spinning and heating will not occur. 

A low voltage supply also affects your refrigerator, washer, and other high-power consumption gadgets. Examine your refrigerator, and they run your washer. That will tell you if you must wait for power to reach a safe level. You can make a call to the area supplier. The internal wiring of your oven requires a technician to test and resolve it. Also, your gadget is a high-voltage unit that requires careful handling. Call your Samsung repair clinic for assistance.

4. Transformer/Capacitor

These are the primary power banks in your oven. The components hold high-frequency power (ac)to supply it to the diode, which in turn converts to DC for use by the magnetron. A damaged transformer/capacitor means a sleeping unit. The unit won’t spin or heat. Fortunately, these are replaceable. However, it will be expensive if you replace a diode, magnetron, and transformer/ capacitor at a go. You can opt for a new microwave unit. Talk to a licensed Samsung appliances dealer for recommendations or visit their website and order online.

5. Door Switch

A loose or broken door is a cause of the two significant microwave errors. The reason is the sensor on the door. It doesn’t sense that the unit is ready for spinning and heating. So, the turntable stays motionless, and no heating takes place. Examine the hinges and the latch to determine breakages. You may not check the sensor because it requires expertise. Call the Samsung repair center for help.

6. Overloading

An overloaded turntable may not spin. Your food will also not heat. Check the contents and minimize. Try to run your oven and see if it spins and heats. This step ought to be the first one on this list. It doesn’t require much effort, so before you examine your Samsung microwave issues, open the door and make the load smaller.

Check This Table Below To Fix A Microwave Not Spinning Issue;

Overloading and irregular foods  Reduce the load.  
Blockage  Inspect the glass plate and edges to remove any obstructions.  
Damaged couplerReplace.
Dislodged roller ringRealign or replace a broken roller ring.
Damaged turntable motor  Replace

Final Words

Samsung microwave not spinning means your food is not cooking well. The heat distribution will be on the edges, leaving some portions cold and others hot. That exposes you to tummy issues. Never use your oven in this status. Most causes are easy to resolve, while others require an expert.  Reduce the load on your turntable or wipe any obstructions causing the stalling.

Also, order a roller ring or coupler to replace the damaged ones. A dislodged roller ring is easy to reposition. Only a damaged turntable motor will require an expert to resolve it. An oven that is not spinning or heating requires expertise to diagnose and repair. This guide will help you take care of your microwave and observe the telltale signs of malfunctioning. Best of luck!

By Shawn Roberts

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