Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Problems (Resolved!)

How to clean Cuisinart air fryer

If you have experienced Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven problems, that’s the darkest moments of air frying. It’s no doubt that the appliance has resolved all your cooking needs as you do not need a traditional toaster, microwave, deep fryer, conventional oven, grill, and other appliances. But the versatile all-in-one appliance has issues. Though the machine has a warranty and great customer service, you must equip yourself with tips to resolve any problems that arise.

Several troubleshooting issues may hinder you from cooking. Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven problems include the machine not turning on, not heating up, overheating, smoking, and touch screen issues. The machine may also cook unevenly, dry, and non-crispy food. More problems may arise when using your air fryer. Get the tips from this guide.

Major Oven Problems (With 4 Quick And Easy Fixes!)

Here are some of the commonest Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven problems and their fixes;

1.    Air Fryer Not Turning On

Like any other oven, air fryers can fail to turn on. The problem could be external to your Cuisinart oven or external. By internal, I mean a technical or mechanical issue. External problems touch the electrical flow from the main socket to the air fryer. Should you find yourself at the crossroad, try the following tricks;

Internal Problems (Air Fryer Not Turning On)

Problem Fix
Basket ErrorEnsure that the basket does not tilt Remove excess food to prevent obstruction.
Door ErrorClose the oven door. Load the rotisserie and basket with a considerable amount of food 
Timer and temperature settingsSet the knob accurately.
Safety featureIf your oven has one, turn it off to allow cooking.
Overheating protectionLeave the oven to cool before turning it on.
Control panelTake note of previous errors on the display.  Consult your manual or product assistance. Rectify the issue to allow turning on and off of the device.
Broken Power Cable/plugReplace your oven’s broken power cable. Replace the old and broken plug.
Blown plug fuseReplace the fuse
Factory DefectReship your Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven for repairs and replacement.

External Problems (Air Fryer Not Turning On)

Circuit breakerCheck if the breaker tripped off. Turn it on.
Power LossConsult your power supplier. Connect your power backup.
Socket switchTurn the switch to an ON position. 
Unplugged unitPlug it on.

2.    Air Fryer Not Heating 

Another top issue on your Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven problems list is failure to heat up. Sometimes, the oven heats up, but the heat is not enough to cook your food. If your air fryer develops the latter, cooking will take forever. So, if the temperatures do not rise in your cooking chamber, there is no progress in the cooking process. Your food will remain warm or cold, so you need to check a few things. 

  • Power Interruption: This issue has everything to do with the power flow from the power outlet to your Cuisinart machine. The best approach will be to ensure you have plugged the unit into the source. Inspect the cord for physical damages, bends, and lose wires. If the switch is on and all other things are in place, it could be power lost from the electricity post. Make a call to the nearest agent for resolution.
  • Timer And Temperature Settings: These two settings come as a combo in most models. Their purpose is to adjust the time and temperature to match your recipe. If you miss the settings, the gadget will not heat properly.  
  • Preheating Time: This setting allows your Cuisine air fryer toaster oven to preheat. Without the function, your cooker may take longer to reach your recipe temperature. You can check if you pressed the button to allow a preheating session (about 3 minutes) before the air fryer begins to heat up to your desired temperature. 
  • Safety Features: Safety features in air fryers can hinder the heating up process. When there is an error in any of the features, heating cannot take place. There are several crucial security features in your air fryer. Have a look!

Security Features In Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

  1. Basket/Tray: A tilt, a blockage, or an overfill tells the door sensors that the oven isn’t ready to cook.
  2. Door Latch mechanism: Failure to close and latch the door communicates signals that the cooker is not ready to begin cooking.
  3. Fuses: When the plug or thermal fuse blows off, your air fryer switches off the heating mechanism.
  4. Power Switch: Some air fryers have power buttons to activate to turn on the air fryer. If you haven’t activated the power switch, power won’t flow, and your air fryer will remain cold. Take your time to master all the features of your Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven.  

  • Dirt: Cleaning and maintenance are regular exercises after every cooking session. Leaving your air fryer dirty, greasy, and messy might make it difficult to heat up. Intensive cleaning, where you rip off the dirt that chokes the heating coils, helps improve the situation. But you must follow the Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven manufacturer’s instructions to prevent further damage to the heating element.

Dos And Don’ts When Cleaning Air Fryer Toaster Oven

  • Do not use water to clean your air fryer toaster oven. It can cause a short circuit in your appliance.
  • Follow the company’s instruction on the right cleaning process.
  • Use minimal abrasives to clean your air fryer as they damage the glossy finish on your air fryer.
  • Wait for your appliance to cool down before a cleaning exercise.

  • Reset Issues: All electronic gadgets can freeze when they require a reset. This hitch is not difficult to clear. You only need to reset your Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven by unplugging and re-plugging. Wait about five minutes before re-connecting to clear any minor hitches that may have attacked your air fryer.
  • Broken Heating Coils: The heating coil requires extreme care when cleaning or replacing. Mishandling and impact can break the fragile parts. If you notice any cracks, the broken coils cannot work. Order a new set and DIY it. The installation process is in the user manual. But you can visit or call a tech to do the changes for you. 
  • Control Panel: Most air fryer issues begin with a faulty control panel. The component is the heartbeat of your machine. Diagnosing a faulty control panel is difficult, but the symptoms might give clues that your appliance is failing. If none of the steps above do not resolve the heating issue, the problem might be significant. Please do not proceed with trial and error. The customer support lines are open for further assistance.

3.    Air Fryer Smoking

It is a scary scene to watch a smoking cooking appliance. The clouds of smoke give an impression that all is not well. Next could be a fire outburst. Never watch your air fryer smoking. Act fast! 

  • Pull out the plug from the power source. Or, if there is a fire, turn off the main switch and get out of your house.
  • Dial 911, and give the emergency response team your location.

All the above actions should be in a flash of a moment. Further delays can cause injuries and deaths. But if your air fryer is just smoking, do the following;

  • Determine the color of the smoke.
  • Take note of the smell and plug out your machine from power. 

Types Of Air Fryer Smoke

Three types of smoke may come from your air fryer; black, blue, and white. Black smoke could be burning food due to overheating and too much oil. Once the oven cools down, open the door and empty the food in a bowl. Clean your air fryer and begin the process. But this time, with keenness not to exceed the temperature recommendation. 

White smoke indicates lots of vapors coming from your food. The common cause is excess water. Remove the food and drain the water. Continue with the cooking process while closely monitoring your food.

Blue smoke is as dangerous as black smoke. If you do not act swiftly, your oven might catch power. After switching it off, empty the contents and call your tech to check the electrical wiring and other internal components. If the gadget is new, the Cuisinart air fryer manufacturer can support you. Call them and plan to ship the air fryer toaster oven back for exchange or repairs. 

4.    Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

Another top issue with Cuisinart air fryers is the touch screen not working. With modern technology, ovens have a touchpad control. The interface is similar to your tablet, iPad, or smartphone, thus susceptible to screen errors. One of those is a frozen touchpad that does not respond to touch. Such a situation may make you panic, thinking your gadget is dead. That’s not so! It could be as simple as grease or soup on the screen. Let me elaborate further;

  • Grease: Dirt and oil causes Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven problems. It remain the number one cause for air fryer touch screens not working. The reason is a buildup that creates a layer over the screen. If you haven’t wiped your air fryer toaster oven for a while, this problem will develop. Grab a piece of wet sponge or table cloth and wipe your machine to get rid of dirt and grease.
  • Gloves: Your cleaning or winter gloves obstruct the already finger-sensitive screen. Use bare fingers to operate your Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven.
  • Firmware updates: These are crucial updates in air fryer programs. They get rid of outdated firmware but cause your touch screen to malfunction in the process.

Ways To Clear Firmware Updates

  1. Reset: Resetting your air fryer works like magic. You can do it by pressing a reset function or unplugging the gadget until it is cool. Re-plug and begin cooking.
  2. Follow the advice on the manufacturer’s website to resolve the glitches. 

  • Protective covering: This is the film that comes with your air fryer from the warehouse. Operating your air fryer with the protective cover may cause the screen to not respond to touch. Peel off the covering and test your air fryer by keying in a few controls.
  • Moisture: Like grease, moisture can cause your screen pad to go mute. I bet you have experienced the same after washing your hands and want to make a call. If you do not dry them before operating the screen controls, the buttons do not respond. After drying your fingers with a towel, or dryer, your phone operates. Your air fryer operates similarly. Wipe the screen and your hands before keying in any prompts.

Other Causes Of Cuisinart Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working

  • Physical damage: A cracked screen can cause enough trouble. It happens when your air fryer trips off and falls. Also, during travels, your gadget can experience pressure and impact. The screen shakes and does not key in the correct controls. Unfortunately, replacing any gadget’s screen is not an easy task. Ask your customer care support if they can replace the screen pad.
  • Old age: Your air fryer’s touch screen can lose sensitivity for several reasons. One of those is old age. It will not respond to touch. Get an expert to analyze this issue as it is complex. They will resolve it for you or advise you on a better route.
  • Static electricity: Static electricity happens all the time in our daily activities. It will happen when there is an imbalance of electrons on an object’s surface. When they are in excess, or a deficiency interferes with the screen pad’s operation. You don’t need to master a lot of physics to resolve this issue. Touching a metallic object before touching your screen pad. The charges will balance and resolve static electricity in your body. 
  • Wrong sequence: This problem is all about calibrations. Have you calibrated your Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven? If not so, follow the user manual specifications on the process. 

Final Words

There are many Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven problems. Sometimes you will get error codes. Other times you may not. The most important is to single out the symptoms to resolve amicably. Master why your air fryer is cooking uneven food or overheating.

If the touchpad is not working, determine the reason and resolve it effectively. Some issues, like control panel issues and cracked screens, require the manufacturer or a technical expert to resolve. But you can reset your appliance and rectify many glitches at a go. Call the manufacturer or us to help resolve the issues if you are stuck.

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