Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion: Get The Perfect Ideas

an outdoor kitchen pavilion

You might need ideas for your outdoor kitchen pavilion. The reasons range from securing extra space for barbecue and party meals to cooking foods that leave smells in your kitchen forever. A kitchen pavilion decreases the summer heat from your kitchen and adds value to your home. This list is endless. 

Of course, you can’t design the additions unthinkingly. A guide is a must-have. Top outdoor kitchen pavilion ideas are open-air design, covered patio, poolside BBQ, custom millwork, stone backyard, urban view, and others. You can consider many more thrilling ideas when expanding your cooking space.

Types Of Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion

Here are the wildest ideas for your outdoor kitchen pavilion;

1. Custom Millwork

A custom millwork outdoor kitchen pavilion is one of the prominent features of Brittany Farinas, a Bali-inspired Miami-based designer. The design incorporates wood products that complement both indoor and outdoor fixtures.

Custom millwork gives a unique and tailored outlook on your outdoor cooking space. It involves wood elements like cabinets, windows, doors, and other pieces of furniture. If you select this design, consider the materials that you will use.

Hardwood works best for outdoor weather. Also, millwork requires a skilled artisan to fabricate the pieces into your desired cuts and shapes.   

2. Open-Air 

Pavilion structures have open-air designs, but some have some space covered to protect you from sun and rain when cooking and dining. The open-air design offers plenty of natural light and fresh air. When designing an open-air outdoor kitchen pavilion, consider a roof design that will provide partial coverage.

The Pergola style works well with this type of pavilion. You can incorporate slatted roof panels, canopy, or louvered roof systems to control sunlight into your structure. For the open sides, pillars and beams will support the structure while at the same time allowing an unobstructed view and airflow.

Tips For Open-Air Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion

  • Add decorative elements like trellises and lattice panels. They also offer some privacy while you are enjoying yourself in your kitchen.
  • Add potted plants to add a live theme to your open-air outdoor kitchen.
  • Position the cooking area away from the wind side.

3. Covered Pavilion

You can fully roof your pavilion! A solid roof will protect your cooking area from rain and harsh weather. Also, this design provides shade and a relaxed environment for your cooking activities. A great way to enhance a covered pavilion is to connect it to the pool, indoor kitchen, and dining areas. This outlook lets you pass over food and dishes without walking across the rooms.  

4. Poolside BBQ

Poolside barbecues are rustic. The design includes a built-in barbecue grill with meat thermometers, a smoker, and a pizza oven. If you love meat and pizza, such an installation is complete. Additional fixtures for this outdoor kitchen pavilion include a countertop, cabinets, drawers, and a regular oven space.

5. Stone Backyard

Stone backyards are outstanding, permanent, and reliable fixtures. The pavilion features stone materials on its walls, pillars, and floor. Natural stones are the most common and create a rustic and natural feel. You can add a fine touch with stone veneers to complement the design.

The veneers are cost-effective and provide the same aesthetics as stones. Almost all areas in your outdoor kitchen will have a stone theme. These include granite countertops, stone tiles on the back wall, stone floors, stone pizza ovens, and stacked stone pillars and columns.

Stone Backyard Features

  • Granite countertop
  • Stone floor
  • Stone pillars
  • Stone columns
  • Stone seating
  • Stone grill surround
  • Stone backlash
  • Stone accent wall

6. Lake View Kitchen

Is your home adjacent to an artificial lake? The space can explore a beautiful outdoor kitchen pavilion where you maximize the space. The design lets you grill and dine while entertaining at the surrounding lake.

The placement and layout are very crucial when designing the pavilion. Place the cooking and preparation area facing the lake. Also, the dining area position should offer you a stunning lake view. Consider cooking equipment like a built-in grill, a pizza oven, a burner, and a smoker to allow you to cook various meals from outside.  

7. Outdoor Pouch Pavilion

This pouch extends your living room at the back door side. The pavilion combines a living room, a TV room, and a kitchen. All these features include a grill, burner, ceiling fan, sofas, TV, and complimentary lighting for outdoor settings.  

8. Urban View Outdoor Kitchen

Brighten your city-dwelling experience with an urban view kitchen. You can convert the balcony, terrace, rbackspaceack space into a stunning outdoor kitchen pavilion. Your designer can optimize the space with a kitchenette, dining, and seating options.

A kitchen island or countertop also works well, but these should be concrete for durability. If you are working with your balcony space, add a portable electric cooktop on a countertop and a small sink. There are balconies with limited space, so folding furniture will be the best option.

Tips For Urban View

  • Medium or large potted plants can spice up the décor while creating privacy and a cozy atmosphere.
  • Enhance the view with hanging gardens and tall potted plants. 
  • Consider a full-size grill, a bar, and an ample lounge if your home has impressive balcony space. 

9. Concrete And Stone

Concrete and stone sound bland, but you can tone them with cool colors to offer an elegant design. Popular. Your pavilion can have concrete pillars, but you can decorate them with natural stone. The end product is a rustic feeling in your outdoor kitchen.

Also, concrete countertops are all-weather. Consider natural stones like Quartz, basalts, and granite. You will find a concrete and stone outdoor kitchen that is extremely durable    

10. Walk-Up Bar

You can strike a perfect outdoor kitchen pavilion with this style. The design involves a walk-up bar under a patio. Often, it is at the end of a pool or lakefront. Its space includes a full kitchen with a countertop, island, and sink.

A lounge and bar area is at one end, often overlooking the poolside. A walk-up bar is ideal for summer heat and is handy when hosting large family events. You can enjoy smoked or barbecued lamb with your favorite drink at the bar on weekends.

Setting An Outdoor Kitchen Pavilion (Considerations)

Your outdoor kitchen pavilion project needs careful planning before setting it up. It is a costly and permanent structure that alters the face of your home. If you do it well, it will add aesthetics and value to your home. Consider the following;

  • Placement 

The positioning of the outdoor kitchen pavilion is crucial. Mostly, it is behind the kitchen or at the back door. You can position the cooking area overlooking your pool or lake.

  • Materials

Once you decide on the type of your kitchen pavilion, that will determine the materials. For instance, a stone theme will require more stones and concrete. Custom millwork will need more wood, nails, and glue. The materials will go toward the structure and its roof. 

  • Weather

Weather determines the nature of the structures you will build in your home. Go for an all-weather kitchen pavilion for winter, summer, and rainy seasons. Safeguard the kitchen area from wind and rain.

  • Size

The ideal size for your outdoor kitchen pavilion should suit your needs. Do not go for a too-tiny or too-large structure. Consider your family size and future adjustments when there are guests around.

  • Structure

There are different structures for outdoor kitchen pavilions. The most common are wooden and vinyl. Buy durable materials that cannot decay, breakage, warping, and combustion.

  • Cost

Some kitchen pavilion designs will cost you an arm and a tooth, yet the amount doesn’t match with results. Why not consider a design that is cost-effective but robust and durable?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an outdoor pavilion?

A: An outdoor pavilion is a 4-6 post structure with open sides. The structure has a deck or a concrete base. You can use the pavilion for outdoor activities such as cooking and parties.

Q: How do I plan an outdoor kitchen area?

A: Several tips for planning and designing your outdoor kitchen area. First, determine the kitchen type you want while considering the available space, then set up a budget. Consider the environmental condition and cooking style to create the perfect structure that suits your needs.

Q: What is the cheapest way to build an outdoor kitchen?

A: An outdoor kitchen cost depends on whether you are going to DIY or you will outsource the skills. DIY can save you bucks on labor as you only need to purchase the materials and install the structure. A prefab structure is cheaper; you can use local materials such as wood and stones to cut costs.

Final Words

An outdoor kitchen pavilion lets you enjoy the party thrills with your dinner guests. The additional space is great for entertaining and relaxing. Homeowners use it as cupboard space, extra sink, and dishwashing space. You can even add a mini-cooker and fridge. The extra kitchen/lounge adds value to your home.  

There are many ideas for optimizing and adding aesthetics to this discovery. It all depends on your locality and the size of your home. Consider an outdoor pouch, stone, concrete, woodwork, poolside, lake view, and many more ideas. Let a professional designer help you achieve your dream outdoor kitchen setup.

By Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts is a renown culinary enthusiast with a deep love for food and cooking. He has decades of experience in the kitchen. In his career, Shawn Roberts shares his expertise, recipes, and insights to inspire and guide you on your own culinary journey. Together with his team of kitchen décor experts, you can make your cooking space a little heaven. Get ready to explore a world of flavors and creativity with Shawn Roberts