Blackstone Not Getting Hot Enough (Causes + Fixes)



The Blackstone griddle is an outdoor cooking enthusiast. The versatile appliance provides a perfect cooking area for grilling, air frying, and sautéing outside your kitchen. With its combo features and even heat distribution, it is easy to cook many types of food. But Blackstone not getting hot enough can cause you heartache. The appliance will cause delays or not cook at all.

You ought to resolve the riddle before it is too late. Blackstone not getting hot enough means the wrong installation process, an empty propane tank, a faulty igniter, and dirty burners. You could be cooking in extreme weather or the regulator is faulty. A faulty appliance will delay or not cook a meal. You must resolve the issues to continue cooking.

10 Causes and Fixes For Blackstone Not Getting Hot

Below are the top 10 possible reasons your Blackstone is not getting hot enough. We also offer you the fixes.

1. Installation Process

Ideally, Blackstone won’t get hot if the installation process is wrong. You need to rectify the issue by following the proper procedure. The solution is in the griddle’s instructions booklet.

How To Fix

Before you put your hands onto your grill, read the instructions and follow the installation steps. If the language is too technical for you, ask for technical assistance from the manufacturer.  

2. Propane Tank

Your Blackstone gadget uses propane gas to fuel it. If it isn’t heating up, the tank might be empty. The top reasons are a leaking valve or exhaustion after considerable usage.

How to Fix

The first issue is a leaking valve. Your outdoor griddle valve will require tightening or getting a new one. A professional can advise you on how to do it if you aren’t sure. The second cause would be an empty tank, but you have to clarify by weighing it.

Usually, a full propane tank weighs about 37 lbs. If it is less, the tank could be empty. The gas weighs 20 lbs., while an empty cylinder is about 17 lbs. Investing in a gauge is another straightforward way to determine an empty propane tank. The unit will indicate when the gas is getting exhausted. If your propane tank is empty, refill it at trusted dealers in your town.

3. Blackstone Igniter

Blackstone igniter sparks the flames that heat the unit. It is a battery-powered unit, meaning if the batteries get discharged, the ignition won’t work. For that reason, your griddle will remain cold.  A defective ignition battery will trouble you whenever you want to use your grill.

How to Fix

It is simple! Make a replacement for super-fast ignition. 

4. Burners

The Blackstone air fryer not heating up may mean the burners have a problem! When they fail, they cause uneven lighting and heating hence your Blackstone not getting hot enough. The cause could be a faulty ignition that does not access all the griddle burners. In this case, you must inspect the ignition battery to see if it works correctly.

How to Fix

Replace if the unit has a drain. Another common problem in burners is dirt. The residues block vents and cause a yellow flame, which is not as hot as the clean blue one that heats the Blackstone super-fast. Clean your grill to enhance ignition and help your oven to produce a robust and clean flame.

5. Regulator

It could be your gas regulator is faulty. Any interference with this safety unit reduces the heating process. For example, a blockage will allow little or no fuel into the griddle. That means low or Blackstone not heating up at all. Also, a trip stops the heating process as no gas can burn.

How to Fix

If you experience regulator tripping, turn on the propane tank. That will resolve the Blackstone grill not getting hot. But that should be a slow turn to prevent an auto-shutoff. Sometimes, this tip may not work! Just turn off the unit and hold on for a minute or two. This wait works like a reset, so when you try again, the unit will operate.  

After the above process, follow these steps to fix your Blackstone regulator issue:

  • Turn off the Blackstone tank valve. 
  • Turn on the griddle knobs to allow all the gas out of the system. 
  • Hold on for 10 seconds.
  • Close all the knobs.
  • Do a slow ¼ turn on the valve 
  • Light griddle to test if it works.

6. Dirt

A generally dirty will have issues like a blocked burner and regulator. The dirt includes soups, grease, and dust from the outdoors. Besides cooking on an unhygienic griddle surface, you risk rust on your Blackstone joints and corners.

How to Fix

We fix dirt by cleaning appliances soon after cooking. Cleaning the top isn’t a solution as you must work on the burners and hidden corners. There are simple steps you can follow to clean your dirty oven. Our next article will teach you how to clean your Blackstone. Nevertheless, focus on the entire oven, including features like regulators and burners.

Remember that a poorly maintained regulator will ultimately affect the griddle’s heating mechanism. You must unscrew the unit from the propane tank and scrub dirt using a wire sponge or brush. This will help unclog the tiniest holes on the regulator, allowing gas delivery. You can also use compressed air to remove dust particles stuck on the surface. Once you feel that the regulator is dirt-free, screw it back on the propane tank and turn it.

7. Weather

Your Blackstone is an outdoor appliance. But that doesn’t mean the griddle will function outright in cold, windy, rainy, or stormy weather. In cold weather, the ability to reach your heat level requirements may be a challenge. The grill will take longer to preheat and even achieve the temperature.

Conversely, in hot weather conditions and direct sunlight, your Blackstone surface will be hot, and it is not easy to control cooking temperature and time.

Additionally, windy conditions affect heat distribution on your Blackstone. There will be uneven heat distribution unless you fix a wind guard to shelter the grill. Excess rain and humidity worsen the grill’s performance, which takes longer to heat up.

How to Fix

Provide a shelter or wind guard to protect your Blackstone from harsh weather.

8. Defective Temperature Controls 

Any heating appliance, including your Blackstone, can experience defective controls. The heating mechanism fails and causes heating-up issues. So, your Blackstone not getting hot enough calls you to check several things.

How to Fix

  • Thermostat: Replace the defective thermostat.
  • Heating element: It is dead if the heating element has visible cracks. Replace it.
  • Plug: The plug on the cord’s head might be blown or moved from its position. If it blows, you cannot fix it. Replace it. Moving out of position requires a simple adjustment to make the unit work again.
  • Electrical wiring: Short circuits occur in appliances and cause ineffective heating. An expert in electrical wiring will check your gadget and rectify the issue for you. 
  • Knobs: The knobs may be loose and not dialing the correct temp units. Examine them and replace broken ones. It may require an expert to offer this service.

9. Old Age

After many years of usage, or intensive cooking with your appliance, you may notice ineffectiveness. Blackstone griddle not getting hot enough is a sign that old age is catching up with your griddle. Some people spend a fortune trying to revive the oven. That’s not our advice in this guide.

How to Fix

Upgrade to a new Blackstone appliance and enjoy your grills!

10. Factory Defects

Blackstone not getting hot enough may be due to factory defects. So, how do you handle Blackstone factory defects?

How to Fix

If factory defects are the cause for your Blackstone grill not getting hot, we will not advise you to correct them. You only need to deliver the unit back to the dealer or manufacturer for repair and, in extreme cases, replacement.

By Shawn Roberts

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