Air Fryer Touch Screen Not Working: Causes And Fixes!

Air fryer Touchscreen

Air fryer touch screen not working? You are not alone, as many users experience this error. The touch screen replaces knobs and buttons in the air fryer. So, when it freezes, you can barely go beyond connecting the machine to the power source. You need the pad to power the unit, select temperature, time, presets, and start/stop the oven, alerts, and other functions.

Sometimes, a touchpad’s issue can be minor or complex. It depends on the cause. Causes for air fryer touch screen not working are dirt, moisture, software issues, extreme heat, electrical glitches, and physical damage. Other causes include factory defects, depleted battery, or power cut out. Once you establish the possible cause for your air fryer’s touchpad not working, it is easy to resolve. Let’s examine these causes.


Dirt is not only unhygienic, but it also causes appliances not to function as they should. Once it accumulates and forms a layer, it interferes with the touch sensors, making them non-responsive.

Whereas it is not possible to keep your air fryer away from spills, grease, and dust, you can keep the oven clean. Cleaning the touch screen and the entire oven keeps dirt and grease accumulation away.

Any time you notice a spill, wipe your air fryer with a kitchen cloth. Also, keep your kitchen clean and free from dust. During windy hours, you can keep the windows closed and open them later when the wind settles.


Vapor, water, and other liquids can cause the screen to stop working—the feature functions like your tablet or smartphone. When you expose it to moisture, it doesn’t respond to touch. You have to wipe the liquid to key in your details.

Also, moisture can damage your air fryer’s internal operations, which include the touch screen. When liquids spill, they seep into the air fryer and cause rust or electrical damage. The wiring that supplies the touchpad with power gets a short circuit, causing low or no response.

Protect your air fryer from moisture. The unit is not water-friendly as it is an electronic device. Never clean it by submersion in water. When cleaning, only dip the accessories and wipe the appliance with a table towel. Ensure that there are no water drops on the air fryer before using it.

Software Issues

Air fryers undergo software updates to ensure that the programs function well. This process is a factory setup, so it has nothing to do with errors in usage. Whenever the updates take place, they can cause glitches that cause the electronic device to stop working.

One of the commonly affected features is the touch screen. It stops working, causing you frustration as you cannot start the appliance or select the programs.

Most software issues are resolvable as long as the air fryer is not aged or obsolete. To resolve an update issue, reset the air fryer. The reset process depends on the model you have.

But there is a simple process that may apply in most air fryers; unplugging the device and reconnecting it after about 5 minutes. The resetting process clears the software glitches. If not, visit the air fryer’s website or call them for further guidance.

Electrical Hitches

As we touched base above, electrical issues can cause touchscreen issues. The problem happens when there is a short circuit due to moisture, old wires, or just the cables touching each other. The supply to the touchscreen can be loose or broken.

Such an issue requires a technician to examine. They will test the wires and identify loose connections or a damaged cable and resolve.

Extreme Heat

Most electronics, including air fryers, negatively respond to high heat. Though the air fryer generates high temperatures when cooking, these can be extreme and cause the touchscreen not to work.

A sure way to detect extreme heat is if the air fryer’s surface is hot. In a regular operation, the unit isn’t supposed to heat up on the exterior. If it does so, it is overheating, and that’s the cause for the touch screen not responding and other issues.

Turn off the air fryer and allow a cooling session before you go on with the cooking. If it often experiences extreme heat, call a technician to check the issue.

Physical Damage

Another cause for your air fryer touch screen not working is physical damage. An accidental bump or drop can break the screen and cause severe damage. Also, damages happen during shipment and travel. It is easy to identify physical damage even if you did not witness a smashdown.

Check the screen for cracks and scratches. When traveling, wrap your air fryer and place it in an upright position in a casing. You can use styrofoam to be sure that it doesn’t bump into other items in your car. When cleaning, avoid scrubbing the touch screen. Scratches cause damage to the touchscreen.

Low Battery

Does your air fryer use batteries? If so, the reason for the touchscreen not working is due to a depleted battery. You can try to recharge it and see if the air fryer responds. During travels, carry an extra battery to avoid such shortfalls.

Calibration Problems

Some air fryer touch screens require calibration to function. There is no general process to calibrate your device. The best thing to do is to refer to your user manual or call the care center for instructions.

Factory Defect

The air fryer touchscreen not working can be a factory defect. If your package just arrived and it is your first time using the device, ensure that you remove all the wrapping papers. If you connect it, but the touchscreen isn’t working, then ask customer care to help you resolve the issue.

User Error

Are you using the air fryer in the right way? Sometimes, user errors can cause touchscreen issues. The first one is failing to unwrap the cover film that comes with your air fryer during delivery. Also, tapping incorrect areas on the screen can cause issues.

Identify the icons and touch them as per the specification. It takes a while to learn your air fryer’s operations and performance. Once you master the buttons, you will be good to go. Make the user manual your best friend in all your air frying.

Examples Of User Error

  • Pressing an unwrapped touch panel.
  • Operating the unit with gloves.
  • Tapping the wrong areas.
  • Not tapping the screen with fingers.

Parting Shot

An air fryer touch screen not working can frustrate your efforts to cook your anticipated meal. Sometimes, it may be due to errors in usage or technical issues. We have highlighted the causes and fixes. Begin with the most obvious, like unwrapping your new air fryer, wiping and drying the touch screen, and charging the battery if it is applicable. If the simple solutions do not work, ask your technician to help examine and resolve the issue.

By Shawn Roberts

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