Meat It Plus Meat Thermometer Not Working: Do This!

Meat It Plus Meat Thermometer

Meat It Plus meat thermometer is one of the most accurate brands in the food industry. It is high quality and also easy to read. Whatever food you are cooking, you can trust this probe as it functions with high precision.  

But the Meat It Plus thermometer can fail to work. What are the possible causes for malfunctioning, and what can you do to correct the errors? Food probes fail to give you accurate results due to improper usage, defects, bad battery, water ingress, or lack of proper calibrations. What to do? Check below!

Improper Usage

Are you using your Meat It Plus thermometer correctly? If you have not inserted the probe correctly, it is likely to show errors. The first step is to follow the manufacturer’s guide on the Meat It Plus packaging. There is a small leaflet that tells you what to do when you buy a new thermometer. One of those is calibrating the probe and using it correctly. Here are a few dos and don’ts:

  • Insert your Meat It Plus meat thermometer in the thickest part of your food.
  • Slide the meat probe into the non-fatty parts and ensure that it doesn’t touch the bones.
  • Insert the Meat It Plus thermometer in several locations to be sure that your food attains even doneness.
  • Read the display/scale with precision.
  • Keep your Meat It Plus probe clean always. 
  • Insert oven safe. Meat It Plus at the beginning of cooking.
  • Take note of different foods’ internal temperatures.
  • Calibrate your meat probe before using it.

 Defective Meat It Plus Meat Thermometer

Device defects are inevitable. You may buy a perfect device, but after some time, it will get damaged. Often, it is due to mishandling. Impacts, failure to return it to its sheath, and using it for its unintended tasks can cause malfunctioning. On the flip, it may not be your fault as thermometers fail due to adolescence or factory defects. Any of the above reasons call for you to have your Meat It Plus checked by a tech. If the unit is broken beyond repair, then you have limited choices. Replace your Meat It Plus with a new gadget. Never use a broken thermometer to check your food’s doneness. It will give you wrong readings and cause you to serve your loved ones unsafe food for consumption. Store your meat probe in its casing to avoid breakages. 

Bad Battery

Battery-operated devices, including your Meat It Plus thermometer, can stop working due to battery drain. The reason is long usage and exhaustion. If you have used your meat probe for a couple of months without changing the battery, try to replace it. A new battery will recharge the device and wake it up. If a replacement doesn’t work, then there could be technical issues or breakdowns.

Excess Moisture In The Thermometer’s Control Board

Excess moisture in your device can cause issues. One of those is rust in the motherboard. When the tiny wires rust, the dials fail, or the unit stops working. Stop submerging your thermometer in the water, as water can sip inside and cause rusting. Meanwhile, there are several procedures to follow to ensure that your Meat It Plus meat thermometer stays dry. 

  • Confirm its waterproof rating using your meat probe. 
  • Inspect the seals for wear and tear. Replace where possible or buy another thermometer.
  • Whether waterproof or not, never submerge your food thermometer in liquids.  
  • Clean your Meat It Plus meat probe by wiping then use a dry piece of cloth. Dry and store it in its sheath.
  •  When not in use, keep the device away from moisture.  
  • Always use the thermometer’s protective cover, which protects it against humidity.  
  • Do not drop or bang your meat probe to avoid breaking the seal, which prevents moisture from sipping in.  
  • Repairing thermometers can be tricky, so replace your broken Meat It Plus meat probe.
  • Change batteries when they wear out.  
  • Use the original Meat It Plus batteries.

Calibrate Your Meat It Plus Meat Thermometer

A food probe thermometer must have accuracy of ±1°C. So, calibrating your meat thermometer is the first step before using it. It adjusts the unit to freezing or boiling point so that it can give you the correct temperature dials. Once you buy your new device, calibrate it for precision. Suppose it has a button for doing so; that would be better. Press it for automatic calibration. Manual Meat It Plus meat thermometer requires you to put your gadget’s nib in ice-cold water and then adjust it to zero Celsius degrees. Or putting it in boiling water and then adjusting it to 100 degrees Celsius.  Be sure to check your dial food thermometer before using it for accuracy.

Clean Your Meat It Plus Gadget

Dirt prevents most devices, especially meat probes, from working. Not cleaning after using piles of food particles and fats on the device, thus causing massive failure. After use, dip your Meat It Plus meat probe in alcohol, rinse with water, and dry before storage.  

Technical Viruses

Digital devices often get attacked by technical is a requirement that you reset them to clear the hitches. If your Meat It Plus is digital, clear the hitch by resetting it or ask your dealer how to go about it.  

Take Away

Your Meat It Plus meat thermometer not working shouldn’t bar you from roasting your favorite bites. All you need to do is clean it up, check for defects, clear technical hitches, and calibrate it. Change the battery if it is weary and avoid excess moisture, including submerging it in water. During storage, ensure that the place is humidity-free, plus don’t forget to replace your broken Meat It Plus meat thermometer. Read more about food service thermometers and disposable food thermometers among other kitchen gadgets.

By Shawn Roberts

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