Kitchen Remodel Checklist (Top Considerations)



Broken drawers, cracked tiles, peeling Formica countertops, and old appliances are some of the reasons you desire to remodel your kitchen. Also, things are getting trendier, and that extends to kitchens hence a need for kitchen remodel checklist.! Getting your kitchen trendy is a great way to raise your home’s value and return on investment.

You already plan to remodel your kitchen, but where do you begin? Of course, you will not beat about the bush. It would help if you had a kitchen remodel checklist. This list guides you through the renovation process while ensuring you minimize costs. It’s a step-by-step process involving design, contractor, installations, budgeting, and other important details. We have a lineup for you to ensure a successful kitchen remodeling exercise.

1. Design

The kitchen remodel checklist begins with a plan of your expectations. The primary step includes doing the groundwork of the entire project while prioritizing things such as space and budget. With the design at hand, you can brainstorm ideas and get a broader picture of your dream kitchen.

You might need to consider a traditional or contemporary design while at the same time doing an overhaul of outdated appliances. At this point, referrals and interior design materials will help you to converge your ideas. There are many aesthetic designs you can consider for your kitchen remodel;

  • American Modern
  • American Traditional
  • Mid-century
  • Farmhouse
  • Mediterranean
  • French Provincial
  • French Country
  • Contemporary, etc.

Design and planning are wide, but you can focus on the following points;

  • Materials
  • Labor source
  • Space 
  • style
  • Needs
  • Budget 
  • Timelines

2. Contractor  

This process has always been a twist as “all” contractors claim to be good. The fact is, not all can deliver to your expectations. Getting the perfect crew should be based on referrals and a good reputation. After all, how else will you be sure that they can deliver? Visit the site they are working on to be sure of the results. 

Not all that glitter is gold! Beware that some contractors have delivered shoddy results contrary to their earlier recommendations. That happens when they change artistry. When signing the deal, ensure you get the subcontractors and laborers on the recommendation site. Here’s a checklist when picking a contractor to remodel your kitchen;

  • Prior experience
  • Showroom 
  • Location
  • Licensing, insurance, and certifications
  • Reviews and references
  • Affordable quotations
  • Work ethics

3. Permits

In building and construction, contractors and homeowners require different types of permits. Usually, trade-specific, including electrical, mechanical, and plumbing works, are a requirement. You will require relevant approvals to go on with such works. That applies if you intend to upgrade the plumbing or electrical system.

Also, if you are extending walls, the permits are a must-have. The license is similar to the building permit. You do not want to rub shoulders with state authorities, so remember to enquire about what permits you need for the remodeling. Find out from your state where you can access the necessary permits. often it is the local authorities that give such permits. For instance, in Michigan, you will get the relevant permit upon submitting an application in writing to the relevant agency.

4. Materials And Installation

The materials you will use on your kitchen remodel exercise depend on the list under the budget. Your contractor will give you a checklist of all the items he will need for the entire exercise. They can help you to source as they have first-hand information on where to get the items at a lower cost. 

Choose the most intensive work in a list of cabinets, flooring, countertops, kitchen island, new appliances, painting, etc. Your contractor should guide you through the process. For instance, the cabinets may come first because of the magnitude of work and the time it takes to install. Follow with the kitchen island, countertops, flooring, and painting. Bring in the appliances later as the last on the list to avoid scratches, dirt, and damage. Again, this list depends on the remodeling plan. 

5. Budget

The kitchen remodel checklist for contractors will always include a budget after planning/design. This requirement comes almost last because you cannot execute your design or plan without finances. Now that you have determined the style, material requirements, labor, and timelines, you must fund your project. Itemize each bill and come up with the total expenditure. 

The contractor should give you the ideal quotation for the entire work. His bill cannot be a hundred percent actual. There will always be over/over quotations. Consider extra expenses to be on the safest edge and to avoid inconveniences. You can follow this checklist under the budget;

  • New appliances include a double oven, beer refrigerator, air fryers, etc.
  • Cabinetry requirements
  • Flooring
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen island
  • Walk-in pantry
  • Garbage disposal
  • Windows
  • Lighting
  • Vent hood
  • Countertops
  • Paint, etc.

6. Labor

 All the above items add up to the total budget. An experienced renovator will give you a detailed budgetary requirement for each item, depending on your preferences. Take note of alternatives such as eco-friendly materials and energy-star-rated appliances. Consider specific measurements to avoid clumsiness and losses during installations. Also, purchasing in bulk saves you lots of dollars.

7. Timelines

Successful projects come with timelines. What’s your intended time of completion? Work out the deadline with your contractor. That way, you do not hurry up and end up with an inferior outcome. Kitchen remodeling is an expensive affair.

Equally, you expect an exquisite outcome. Help your contractor meet deadlines by providing the necessary material and resources. Visit the site to inspect the progress. If you are on leave, you can take over supervisory roles to guarantee yourself quality. But be sure to keep the crew happy. Being stern causes a crisis.

Kitchen Remodel Checklist FAQs

kitchen remodel checklist

Do I need a permit to remodel a kitchen?

Among the requirements on your kitchen reno checklist is a permit. You will need the permits to alter the plumbing and electrical system. Also, a building permit is necessary for extending walls and other major renovations.

What do I need to know before remodeling my kitchen?

Before remodeling your kitchen, there are a few things you need to know. It would be best if you had a kitchen remodel checklist. The list includes planning, choosing a contractor, budget, permits, installations, and timelines.

What do I include in my kitchen remodel to-do list?

There are several things to include in your kitchen remodel to-do list. These are design, labor, budget, materials, relevant permits, and necessary work time. With the remodel to-do list, you have a detailed process. It allows you to stay organized without missing deadlines.

Final Thoughts

A kitchen remodel checklist is a must-have if you intend to redesign your cooking space. The draft guides you through the process by exploring budgets, design, material, labor, and other factors. With the list, you can brainstorm ideas, work on a budget, hire a contractor, and complete the exercise without complications.

We do not doubt that the above checklist will be useful, especially if you have never attempted remodeling your kitchen. Read more about the contractor kitchen remodel checklist in this guide to enjoy a successful remodel project.

By Shawn Roberts

Shawn Roberts is a renown culinary enthusiast with a deep love for food and cooking. He has decades of experience in the kitchen. In his career, Shawn Roberts shares his expertise, recipes, and insights to inspire and guide you on your own culinary journey. Together with his team of kitchen décor experts, you can make your cooking space a little heaven. Get ready to explore a world of flavors and creativity with Shawn Roberts